Sea Creature


Have you ever fallen in love with a jewellery piece right from the first glance? Well… not even the first glance for me, as I was in awe 7 or 8 rows into the embellishment phase. I honestly considered keeping this Leylupas for myself…but I had (luckily) sworn an oath to share with others all of my creations that had not been specifically made for my wrist!

This bracelet takes me under the sea, to a coral full of distant, beautiful and colourful beings. It takes me to an olive tree farm in Italy, when the sun is setting… I can see myself wearing some jeans, a white short sleeved top, and this Leylupas whilst contemplating the sunset. What does this bracelet evoke in you?

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What is in the package?

With each Leylupas purchase, you will receive a luxurious jewellery box to protect your handmade bracelet. Inside the box, alongside your Leylupas, you will find an anti-tarnish static intercept tab that should help prevent tarnish on any silver components for up to 12 months, as long as the box is sealed, and a pink polishing cloth. The package will also contain a second polishing cloth.

If your Leylupas is intended as a gift, please drop us an email, and we will be happy to add a card with a message.

Bracelet details:

This Leylupas was crafted using Preciosa cream pearl seed beads for the base, and the technique used was square stitch. The top layer is embellished with creamy pearl seed beads. The bracelet is full of different textures, with the combination of Czech druk daggers in an almost olive green, Czech drops in a stunning colour, and Czech fire polished turquoise Picasso beads. I love that each of the beads is completely different but they all work together perfectly.

Finally, your Leylupas is secured with a Langer Sterling Silver clasp, which has been Rhodium plated, and two Sterling Silver jump rings. The Langer clasp is strong, makes it easy to secure your bracelet on your own, and to remove it too. The magnet is inside the actual Silver ball, and so, is protected from rain, sweat, etc.

Sea Creature weighs approx 46gramms. It is approx 2cm wide, and approx 17.3cm long.

If you have a pacemaker please read the information on this link

Please follow our recommendations to care for your Leylupas.

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