Messy Leylupas

I like abstract art. One such example is the famous No 5, painted in 1948, by Jackson Pollock. It is fabulous! The richness of colour, the texture… It is stunning and I could certainly just sit, look at the painting and get lost for thoughts for a while.

I came across another amazing painting by Mr Pollock, No 11, better known as Blue Poles during my first trip to Australia. Well, in honesty, I only saw a pamphlet, whilst I was in Sydney, as the painting is in Camberra, but that was the moment I became familiar with Mr Pollock and his Art.

I also love the sea, I always have. On my honeymoon, my husband and I travelled to Japan, where we concluded our diving certification and were able to swim with Manta Rays, and see other stunning and amazing sea creatures, in the beautiful Island of Ishigaki.

In this series of bracelets, I was deeply inspired by No 5, and wanted to recreate it into a wearable canvas that represented the sea. I feel that the bracelets show chaos, and beauty. They are messy, but elegant. They are elaborate and can elevate one’s wardrobe tremendously.

This series is, therefore, a fusion of an idea that was sparked by NO 5, and was further enhanced through a deep love and reverence for the ocean. This same painting inspired me to try the same bracelet exploring other colour combinations, as the weather has a huge impact on the way that I perceive and feel the need to have colour in my life. It all began with No 5, and just for the record, the painting.

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