Care Instructions

How to look after your Leylupas Jewellery

I hope that you love your unique handmade Leylupas jewellery, as much as I loved creating it. To treasure your Leylupas for years to come, here are some tips to take good care of it.

  • Please ensure that your piece is the last item to be placed on, before leaving your house (after your beauty routine such as putting on any creams, lotions, sprays, perfumes, or using any detergents, etc.) and that it is the first item you remove, when returning home.
  • Please store your piece in the box provided (which includes an anti-tarnish static intercept tab), away from direct sunlight and in a dry place. Before doing so, use the cloth provided to gently remove any oils or make-up that might have been transferred from your skin. Let’s minimize corrosion that chemicals may produce.
  • Ensure that you remove your jewellery before washing your hands, swimming, visiting a sauna or steam room, performing any household work, showering or exercising.
    Never sleep with your Leylupas handmade piece.
  • Avoiding pulling or stretching your items will prevent them from breaking, or opening the clasp. This will avoid falls, and potential damage, as many of the embellishments are Czech fire polished beads, made of glass.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your unique handmade Leylupas!

With love


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